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Letter from Abraham Le Dieu


A Letter from Captain Abraham Le Dieu of Westchester


County, offering to raise a Company of Volunteers, as a part of Colonel Thomas' s Regiment, was read and considered.

Thereupon, Resolved, That Captain Abraham Le Dieu be, and is hereby, authorized to raise one Company of Volunteers to serve in the Regiment of Militia of Westchester County, called into service and commanded by Colonel Thomas; and that so many of the said Company as do now belong to the Militia of Westchester County be considered as part of the number ordered to be raised by draughts from the respective Regiments of the said Militia to which they do belong.

And Ordered, That Lieutenant-Colonel Hamman and the Major of the said Regiment do determine on the Subalterns who shall be called into service in that Company, having regard to the rank of the Officers of the Regiment to which they belong, agreeable to the resolutions of this Convention for calling out part of that Regiment into actual service.

And Ordered, further, That the said Captain Le Dial apply to Colonel Thomas for a proportion of bounty money for his men, and show him this copy of our Resolution; and that Captain Le Dieu join Colonel Thomas' s Regiment with his said Company as soon as possible.