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Minutes of a Conference at General Lee' s


Two of the Members being necessarily obliged to go out with Major-General Lee, on business of importance, for want of a sufficient number of Members to form a quorum, no material business could be done, and the Committee adjourned.

As soon as the Committee could form a quorum in the afternoon, they were requested to attend a conference at Major-General Lee' s.

At a Conference held at Major-General Lee' s, in New-York, February 6, 1776:

Present: Colonel Harrison, Mr˙ Lynch, Mr˙ Allen, a Committee of the honourable Continental Congress.

Major-General Lee, of the Continental Army.

Mr˙ Hallett, Mr˙ Scott, Mr˙ Tredwell, Mr˙ Oothoudt, Colonel McDougall, Colonel Brasher, Colonel Van Cortlandt, of the Committee of Safety of New-York.

It is the opinion of the gentlemen present —

First. That a secure, fortified lodgment, for the troops that now are, or may hereafter be at the city of New-York, should be made at such place or places as Major-General Lee, or such other Continental officer as may command here, shall think most proper for preventing the Ministerial troops from taking possession of this city.

That to the same end, as well as for the protection of Nassau-Island:

Second. Such intrenched Encampment, and such other works should be made on Nassau-Island, and at such place, or places, on that Island, as Major-General Lee, or


such other Continental officer as may command at New-York, shall think necessary.

And that for the purposes aforesaid:

Third. Such works should be erected near Hellgate as will entirely secure that pass.