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William Morton Chosen Speaker in Place of Edward Biddie


Wednesday, March 15, 1775.

A quorum met pursuant to the adjournment of yesterday, and the gentlemen appointed to wait on the Speaker, reported that he is still too much indisposed to leave his chamber; that he returns his acknowledgments to the Members for their kind attention to him, but requests they will make choice of another to supply his place, as it is at present uncertain when he may be able to attend the business of the House.

The Members then proceeded to choose another Speaker, when John Morton, Esquire, was unanimously chosen for that service, and accordingly placed in the Chair.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Pearson and Mr˙ Humphreys wait on the Governour, and acquaint him that the late Speaker being, through indisposition, prevented from attending the House, the Members have chosen Mr˙ Morton in his stead, and request to know when his Honour will be pleased to receive the House, that they may present their Speaker for his approbation.

The Members return, and report they had delivered their message according to order, and that the Governour was pleased to say he would be at the Council Chamber in half an hour, to receive the House with their Speaker.

Then Mr˙ Speaker with the whole House waited on the Governour, and being returned from the Council Chamber, the Speaker resumed the Chair, and reported that the House had waited on his Honour and presented their Speaker, (of whom he had been pleased to approve;) that he (the Speaker) had then mentioned that, as his predecessor had lately claimed in behalf of the present Assembly their usual privileges, it was unnecessary for him to renew such claim, except in respect to his own unwilling mistakes as Speaker, which he hoped might be excused by the Governour, and not imputed to the House.