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Barge for His Majesty' s Ship Asia ordered to be rebuilt and delivered to Captain Vandeput


The Mayor and some other of the Magistrates attending at the door, informed one of the Members that Captain Vandeput, of His Majesty' s Ship Asia, had requested to know whether he will receive a Boat in lieu of that lately destroyed.

Ordered, That the Mayor and Magistrates be informed that it is the sense of this Congress that a new Boat be built for the use of His Majesty' s Ship Asia.

Thereupon the Congress entered into a Resolution in the words following, to wit:

Whereas the Barge ordered to be built, to replace the one belonging to His Majesty' s Ship Asia, lately destroyed,


was, when lately finished, sawed to pieces in the night by some disorderly persons,

Resolved, That the Mayor and Magistrates of this City be requested to procure another Barge, to be built in this City, for the purpose aforesaid; and all persons are strictly enjoined not to obstruct the building the said Barge, or the delivery thereof to the commander of His Majesty' s said Ship, as those who shall give any obstruction thereto will be considered and treated as enemies to their Country.

Ordered, That the same be published in the Newspapers.

A Letter from Peter T˙ Curtenius was read and filed. He therein encloses an Invoice of certain bales of Goods which may be purchased for cash at Philadelphia, and setting forth his great difficulties for want of money.

Many of the Goods mentioned in the said Invoice being unnecessary for the supplies now wanted in this Colony, and others of extremely high price,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Curtenius be desired not to purchase them.

Captain Thomas Wickham having at present the care of Gardiner' s Island, and the Stock thereon,

Ordered, That he have leave to go there, to endeavour to prevent the Stock from being taken on board of the Ships now there, for the use of General Gage' s Army; and that Mr˙ Wickham be considered as present, and Suffolk County Members have a vote while he is absent on that business.