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Inventory of the Hospital and other Stores taken out of the Lower Barracks


Peter T˙ Curtenius delivered in an Inventory of the Hospital and other Stores taken out of the lower Barracks, by order of this Congress, which was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

"Inventory of sundry Stores, taken out of the lower Barracks by order of the Provincial Congress, viz:

"Six thousand seven hundred and thirty-six Osnaburgh Sheets, new; 300 Osnaburgh Sheets, old; 140 white Sheets, new; 20 white Sheets, old; 92 check Sheets, new; 1 empty Medicine Chest; 1 chest with Lint; 3 boxes with Tow; 370 Pillow-cases, Osnaburghs, new; 120 bolster-cases, Osnaburgh, new; 725 wooden Bowls; 556 wooden Trenchers; 1,700 wooden Spoons; 1 large copper Kettle; 22 earthen Chamber-pots; 160 old moth-eaten Blankets — most of them fit for nothing but making cartridges for the field-pieces; 4 Camp Colours; 125 boxes Candles, delivered me by Mr˙ Norwood — they weigh, upon an average, about forty-five pounds each, which is six thousand six hundred and twenty-five pounds.

"Taken this 19th of February, 1776.

"PETER T˙ CURTENIUS, Commissary."

Ordered, That Colonel Curtenius preserve those Stores, or such of them as are now in his custody, with particular care, for the use of an Hospital; and that he do not part with, or deliver out, any of those Stores, by any order whatever, unless by an order of the Committee of Safety of this Colony, and that only for the use of an Hospital, or by the order of the Provincial Congress of this Colony.