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General Washington to New-York Congress



Camp at Cambridge, August 30, 1775.

SIR: Your favour of the 21st instant is duly received, enclosing Mr˙ Carter' s information of the capture of the Charming Sally, which, from the circumstances attending it, was undoubtedly collusive. I have received advice that another vessel, belonging to one White, at Marblehead, whose ostensible voyage was to Casco-Bay, was carried in soon after. Such instances of avarice, at such a time, and in such a cause, call for a severe scrutiny and exemplary punishment.

Mr˙ Livingston, and some other gentlemen from your City, brought us the acceptable news of the safe arrival of a large quantity of powder, and five bundled stand of arms. Our situation is such as requires your immediate assistance and supply in that article. We have lately taken possession of a hill considerably advanced towards the enemy, but our poverty prevents our availing ourselves of any advantage of situation. I must therefore most earnestly entreat that measures may be taken to forward to this camp, in the most safe and expeditious manner, whatever ammunition can be spared from the immediate and necessary defence of the Province. The value of whatever may be sent, in consequence of this request, will be paid by order from hence when delivered, or negotiated with the honourable Continental Congress at Philadelphia, as may be agreed with the proprietors. I only request that no time may be lost through any such difficulties, as our situation is so critical and the exigence so great. The mode of conveyance I must leave with the Provincial Congress or the Committee of the City. I doubt not they will take every precaution to make it safe and expeditious.

I have the honour to be, Sir, your most obedient and very humble servant,


The Honourable Peter Van Brugh Livingston, Esquire, President, &c.