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London, July 23, 1775


London, July 23, 1775.

Yesterday was held a Court of Common Council, when a motion was made by Mr˙ Hurford, and seconded by Mr˙ Harrison, that this Court do order a letter, signed by the Town Clerk, to be sent to Isaac Low, esq˙, Chairman of the New-York Committee, in order to be by him laid before the Committee, acknowledging the receipt of the Committee' s letter to this Court, enclosing a copy of this Court' s late Petition and Address to His Majesty, and His Majesty' s Answer; upon which a previous question was moved by Mr˙ Deputy Leeky; the main question being read, the question was whether that be now put; for which there were two Aldermen, forty-seven Commoners, and two Tellers; total fifty-one. Against the question being put, six Aldermen, fifty-six Commoners, and two Tellers; total sixty-four. Majority against putting the main question, thirteen.