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Governour' s Message


Tuesday, February 7, 1775.

On motion made,

It is ordered by the House, that the late Treasurer do appear before the House at ten o' clock to-morrow morning, in order that they may inquire of him concerning the deficiency reported due from him to the Province; and that a copy of this order be served on him immediately.

The House took into consideration his Excellency' s Message, of the 30th day of January last, which was read, together with Colonel Robertson' s Letter, and his Account, &c˙, whereupon, after some debate,

Resolved, That this House will not allow the charge for Sheets, as charged in Colonel Robertson' s Account.


Ordered, That Mr˙ Mehelm, and Mr˙ Hewlings, do wait on his Excellency and inform him that the House have taken his Message of 30th day of January last, relating to the charge made by Colonel Robertson, of three hundred and fifty-four Pounds, seven Shillings and six Pence, for Sheets furnished the King' s Troops in this Colony, and the balance in his hands of thirty-four Pounds, eight Shillings and six Pence, into their consideration:

That the House beg leave to acquaint his Excellency, that they cannot allow of the charge so made, it being new, uncommon, and never allowed of by this Colony; and that the House request his Excellency will be pleased to pay the balance in his hands to the Eastern Treasurer.