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Mr˙ Goddard at Portsmouth


PORTSMOUTH, April 15, 1774. — The establishment of a constitutional conveyance of intelligence, public and private, proposed by Mr˙ William Goddard, of Philadelphia, and so warmly seconded by our Southern brethren, appears, to the friends of freedom in this capital, as necessary and useful, as it is honourable, safe, and practicable. The letters brought by the above mentioned gentleman from the Southward, we find, have been received at Boston, &c˙, with that cordial satisfaction which brethren, united by common interest, and common danger, experience in finding each part of such combined interest generously sharing its full proportion of the common service; and the letter from the Boston Committee to that of this town, hath met with every possible mark of respectful attention.

At the last meeting of our Committee with the merchants, traders, and other inhabitants of this town, a subscription was unanimously agreed upon, similar to one already opened at Boston; and we doubt not, from the glorious beginning, but it will be soon filled up with the names of the principal inhabitants of all ranks, or their proxies. Mr˙ Goddard having been furnished with letters from the respective Committees of all the Southern Colonies, set out from hence on Wednesday last, via Newburyport, Salem, and Marblehead, after expressing the respectful and grateful sentiments he entertained of the patriotick spirit and urbanity of those to whom he had the pleasure of being introduced in this; and it is generally thought he will have such report to make of his doings, and their success, as will gratify every friend to the rights of America. Previous to Mr˙ Goddard' s departure he transmitted his plan, with a number of letters, to the friends of liberty at Casco Bay.

We hear that the spirited inhabitants of Newburyport have warmly patronised the plan for establishing a Constitutional Post Office in America. At their last meeting on the business, they agreed to raise a fund sufficient to bring the mails from Boston to that place at least.