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Jedediah Huntington to Governour Trumbull



Roxbury Camp, September 21, 1775.

HONOURED SIR: I have your favour, per post, enclosing the commissions for Brewster and Perkins. We were called upon, in yesterday' s orders from head-quarters, to apply for our Continental commissions. Some officers are suspicious they shall be holden in service during pleasure of Congress, and they accept them. However, I believe they will not be so cautious as the soldiers are, who in general decline signing the Continental Articles of War, lest they should be retained thereby longer than the term of their first engagements.

It will be agreeable to me to see the other part of my Regiment, but am sorry it must be with the necessity of farther exertions of our Colony for its own and the common safety. How free has she been with men and money, for the publick cause! Surely there is a reward for her.

I am astonished that any thing in the General' s letter should bear a construction injurious or dishonourable to Connecticut, as it seems by brother D˙' s letter to brother Major is the case.

I remain your dutiful and affectionate


To Governour Trumbull.