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John Stevens' s Receipt for the Treasury-Chest


Mr˙ Dennis presented to this Congress the Honourable John Stevens' s receipt for the Treasury Chest; which was read, and ordered to be filed, and is in the words following:

"Received of John Dennis, Esq˙, the Treasury Chest of the Eastern Division of New Jersey, lately removed from Perth-Amboy, and deposited with Mr˙ Dennis, by order of Congress; which Chest is now locked, and the key remaining in the hands of the Treasurer, John Smyth, Esq˙ The Treasury Chest aforesaid, with its contents, I received into my charge for the purposes mentioned in Mr˙ Smyth' s letter of the 26th of February, directed to, and in the possession of the Congress of New Jersey. Dated the twenty-eighth day of February, Anno Domini 1776.