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Resolutions adopted at a Meeting of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants


"The Freeholders and other Inhabitants of Kent County, on Delaware, now assembled at the Court House in the Town of Dover, this 20th day of July, Anno Domini 1774, taking into their most serious consideration sundry Acts of the British Parliament, in which their power and right to impose duties and taxes on his Majesty' s subjects in the British Colonies and Plantations in America, for the purpose of raising a revenue, are declared, attempted to be exercised, and in various ways enforced and carried into execution; more especially the Act depriving the great and lately flourishing town of Boston of all trade whatsoever,


by shutting up their port and harbour with a formidable fleet and army:

" Resolved, nemine contradicente, 1. That we do acknowledge, recognize, and most expressly declare, his Majesty King George the Third to be lawful and rightful King of Great Britain, and all other his Dominions and Countries; and that it is the indispensable duty of the people of this country, as being part of his Majesty' s Dominions, always to bear faithful and true allegiance to his Majesty, and him to defend to the utmost of their power, against all attempts upon his person, Crown, or dignity.

" Resolved, nemine contradicente, 2. That the Act of Parliament for shutting up the port of Boston, is unconstitutional, oppressive to the inhabitants of that town, dangerous to the liberties of the British Colonies, and that, therefore, we consider our brethren at Boston as suffering in the common cause of America.

" Resolved, nemine contradicente, 3. That a Congress of Deputies from the several Colonies in North America is the most probable and proper mode of procuring relief for our suffering brethren, obtaining redress of American grievances, securing our rights and liberties, and re-establishing harmony between Great Britain and these Colonies on a constitutional foundation.

" Resolved, nemine contradicente, 4. That a respectable Committee be immediately appointed for the County of Kent, to correspond with the Committees of the sister Colonies, and the other counties in the Government, in order that all may unite in promoting and endeavouring to obtain the great and valuable end mentioned in the foregoing Resolution.

" Resolved, nemine contradicente, 5. That the Speaker of the Honourable House of Assembly be desired by the Committee now to be appointed, together with the Committees of the other counties of this Government, to write to the several Members of Assembly, requesting them to convene at New-Castle as soon as possible, to take into their most serious consideration our very alarming situation, and to appoint Deputies to attend at a general Congress for the Colonies at such time and place as shall be generally agreed on.

" Resolved, nemine contradicente, 6. That the Committee now to be appointed consist of thirteen persons, to wit: Charles Ridgely, William Killen, Caesar Rodney, John Haslet, John Clarke, Thomas Collins, Esquires, Jacob Stout, Esquire, James Sykes, Esquire, James Wells, Thomas Rodney, Richard Basset, Esquire, Richard Lockwood, Esquire, and Zadock Crapper, Esquire, and that any seven of them may act.

" Resolved, nemine contradicente, 7. That the said Committee immediately set on foot a subscription for the relief of such poor inhabitants of the town of Boston as may be deprived of the means of sustenance by the Act of Parliament commonly called the Boston Port Bill; the money arising from such subscription to be laid out as the Committee shall think will best answer the ends proposed.

" Resolved, nemine contradicente, 8. That the inhabitants of this county do agree with their brethren of New-Castle County, in adopting and carrying into execution all and singular, such peaceable and constitutional measures as shall be agreed on by a majority of the Colonies by their Deputies at the intended Congress, and will have no trade, commerce, or dealings whatsoever, with that Province, city, or town, on this Continent, (if any such should be) or with any individual therein, who shall refuse to adopt the same, until the before mentioned Act of Parliament, and two Bills respecting the Province of Massachusetts Bay, depending in Parliament (if passed into Acts) are repealed.

" Resolved, nemine contradicente, 9. That this Committee embrace this publick opportunity to testify their gratitude and most cordial thanks to the patrons and friends of liberty in Great Britain, for their patriotick efforts to prevent the present calamity of America.

"Signed by order,

"MARK M' CALL, Clerk"