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Council of Virginia to their Delegates in Congress



In Council, Williamsburg, October 10, 1776.

HONOURABLE GENTLEMEN: Having this moment received from Mr˙ Calloway, manager of the lead mines, a return of what lead he has on hand, and the post being just ready to set out, I have only time to inform you, that there are now ten tons of lead, which are ready to be delivered for the use of the Continental army. The quantity would have been greater, if there had not been lately a considerable demand for supplying our army sent on the Indian expedition. By Christmas, or perhaps sooner, we may be able to spare as much more.

I should be glad to be informed in what manner you would choose to have it conveyed. If wagons come from Philadelphia, Mr˙ Calloway will have orders to load them, but as this country is obliged to make great remittances to Pennsylvania, for goods supplied from thence, and at a price far beyond what such goods have usually borne, it is reasonable that we should embrace every opportunity of enabling ourselves to bear so heavy a burthen. If, therefore,


I should give orders to send the lead by wagons belonging to this country, I should be glad to have instructions where, and to whom they are to deliver their loads.

I am, gentlemen, your most obedient and very humble servant,

P˙ HENRY, President.

To the Honourable the Virginia Delegates at Congress, Philadelphia.