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Meeting of a great number of the Freeholders of Chesterfield County


Chesterfield Court House, Virginia, November 25,1774.

Proper notice having been given, requesting the Freeholders of the County to meet here on this day, in order to choose a Committee for the said County, a great number assembled and made choice of the following gentlemen, viz: Archibald Cary, Benjamin Watkins, Bernard Markham, Robert Goode, Francis Goode, Daniel M' Callum, Thomas Randolph, Robert Donald, James Donald, Robert Kennon, George Robinson, John Archer, Abraham Sally, Joseph Bass, Benjamin Branch, Thomas Boiling, Neil Buchanan, Thomas Worsham, Field Trent, Alexander Trent, John Bott.

A majority of the Committee being present, appointed Archibald Cary, Esquire, their Chairman.

The Committee then ordered that notice should be given in the publick Papers, requesting that any matters relating to the Association, and which came before the said Committee, might be directed to Archibald Cary, Esq˙, or, in his absence, to Mr˙ Thomas Randolph.

Ordered, That the Chairman, or, in his absence, Mr˙ Thomas Randolph, do appoint a time and place for the Committee to convene themselves, as occasion may require.

Ordered, That Jerman Baker be wrote to by Mr˙ Chairman, requesting the favour of him to act as Clerk to the said Committee, and then the Committee adjourned.