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Letter from Israel Putnam to Captain Trumbull



Pomfret, September 11, 1774.

DEAR SIR: As you were chosen by the Congress at Norwich to attend the Congress at Hartford, I thought it my indispensable duty to send you the copy of a letter I received from the Committee of Correspondence at Boston . And also an extract of a letter from Dr˙ Young to me, which is as follows:

" Tuesday, arrived at Salem, Captain Fea, in seven weeks from London; brought thirty-three chests of tea with her, consigned to Smith and Atkinson. They both waited on the Committee of Correspondence and assured them that they would do every thing in their power to return it, or dispose of it in any manner that would be agreeable to the people. Smith went early this morning to Salem to see about it, and this evening I am informed there are one hundred soldiers put on board the ship that brought the tea. Another great cargo is coming for Portsmouth, so that you see we are to be plagued with that detested weed. And nothing but a non-consumption agreement can save America."

The above extract, and the letter enclosed, may be very proper to be laid before the Congress at Hartford.

I am, &c˙,