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Petition of the Inhabitants of Yonkers, New-York



Lower Yonkers, September 15, 1775.

To the Honourable the Provincial Congress for the Province of NEW-YORK, in the City of NEW-YORK convened, or, in their recess, to the Honourable the Committee of Safety.

The humble Petition of the Inhabitants of the Precinct of the LOWER YONKERS, in the County of WESTCHESTER, humbly sheweth:

That your honourable house had made a Resolve, and published the same, recommending to the inhabitants of every Town, Manor, Precinct, and District, within the Province aforesaid, to meet, nominate and appoint Captains and other officers, to form themselves as Companies of Militia. And whereas the inhabitants of this Precinct did meet, agreeable to your said Resolve, on the 24th day of August last, under the inspection of the Committee of that District, and by a very great majority, as by the list will appear, did nominate and appoint Mr˙ John Cock, of the said Precinct, for his known skill and ability in military discipline, and for other good causes, Captain of the said Company, for the District aforesaid: And whereas we are informed that a complaint hath been made to the Committee, by a few of the inhabitants, against the said Mr˙ John


Cock, out of spite and malice; and as we conceive what has been alleged against him was before signing the Association, we are well assured that since his signing the said Association, no person can accuse him of breaking the same, by any ways or means whatsoever. Therefore, we, the petitioners and subscribers, do humbly beg the indulgence of this honourable House, to grant unto Mr˙ John Cock the commission of Captain for the Company aforesaid, as we are convinced he was chosen agreeable to your said Resolve; and your petitioners, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.

Charles Tyler,
Anthony Archer,
John Devoe,
Martin Post,
Basil Archer,
Jacob Post,
James Munro,
Thomas Oakley,
Israel Post,
Anthony Allaire,
Jonathan Fowler,
Lewis Post,
Edward Ryer,
Abraham Hick,
John Warner,
Benj˙ Farrington,
Matthias Archer,
Elnathan Taylor,
William Rose,
Ezekiel Brown,
Thomas Rich,
Henry Presher,
Abraham Asten,
Elijah Taylor,
Thomas Farrington,
Robert Farrington,
Jacob Taylor,
Isaac Post,
John Odle,
James Crawford,
James Rich,
Abraham Odle,
Elnathan Taylor,
Gilbert Brown,
Abraham Post,
David Oakley, Jr˙,
Thomas Tippit,
Dennis Post,
Joseph Oakley, Jr˙,
Samuel Lawrence,
William Post,
George Crawford,
Thomas Merrell,
Robert Brown,
Moses Oakley,
Samuel Williams,
Daniel Deen,
Francis Smith,
Frederick Brown,
Stephen Bastine,
Jordan Norris,
Israel Underhill,
Benjamin Arsdam,
Frederick Vermilye,
Henry Brown,
Henry Norris,
John Cortright,
Henry Taylor,
John Guevinall,
Edward Cortright,