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Lieutenant-General Clinton to Lord George Germain



Newport, Rhode-Island, December 9, 1776.

MY LORD: Having received General Howe' s order to embark with two brigades of British and two brigades of Hessian troops, and, in conjunction with Commodore Sir Peter Parker' s fleet, to make a descent upon this island, in the most effectual manner for the full possession of it, and for the security of the town and harbour, we sailed from New-York on the first of December, and arrived at Weaver' s Bay, on the west side of this island, on the evening of the 7th following. On the 8th at daybreak, the Commodore having made such a disposition of the fleet as he thought proper to cover the landing of the troops, they disembarked at the above-mentioned bay without the least opposition; when, being informed that the Rebels had quitted the works in and about the town of Newport, and were retiring towards Bristol Ferry, I detached Major-General Prescott with the Grenadiers and Light-Infantry, to intercept them, sustaining him with a body of troops under the command of Lieutenant-General Earl Percy. Major-General Prescott took two pieces of cannon, a few prisoners, and obliged them to quit their fort on this side the ferry, and retire to the continent; I likewise sent a battalion to take possession of Newport, the capital of the island, in which were found some cannon and stores, which the Rebels in their sudden retreat had left behind them.

I shall, as soon as possible, send troops to the island of Conanicut and Prudence, and occupy such other posts as may be necessary for the security of the harbour.

Having had it in command from General Howe to give your Lordship the earliest intelligence of the success of his Majesty' s troops, I have the honour to transmit this to your Lordship by Captain Drummond, one of my Aids-de-camp,


to whom I beg leave to refer your Lordship for any particulars which you may wish to be informed of.

I have the honour to be, &c˙,