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Instructions to the Committee on the Address


Monday, October 3, 1774.

The Congress met according to adjournment, and after some debate,

Resolved unanimously, That it be an Instruction to the Committee, who are appointed to draw up an Address to the King: Whereas Parliamentary taxes on America have been laid, on pretence of defraying the expenses of Government, and supporting the administration of justice, and defending, protecting, and securing the Colonies. That they do assure his Majesty, that the Colonies have or will make ample provision for defraying all the necessary expenses of supporting Government, and the due administration of justice in the respective Colonies; that the Militia, if put on a proper footing, would be amply sufficient for their defence in time of peace; that they are desirous to put it on such a footing immediately; and that in case of war, the Colonies are ready to grant supplies for raising any further forces that may be necessary.

The remainder of this day and the day following was taken up in deliberating and debating on matters proper to be contained in the Address to his Majesty.