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Letter from Gabriel Davis to the Lancaster



August 1, 1776.

SIR: We, Committee-men of Earltown, having received orders from Colonel Peter Grub to collect wagon cloths and to have them at Hinkletown against Monday night, it was done. As there was no regular order from the Committee for these proceedings, George Rine sent me word this morning that he went yesterday to Colonel Grub and Captain Martin, and demanded a receipt for the wagon cloths which were delivered to them, which they refused.

Sir, I would take it as a particular favour if you would lay this matter before the Committee, and let me know, by a few lines from you, whether or no they will assist in getting money for the payment of these wagon cloths. You have, likewise, enclosed, a copy of a certain resolve which I happened to stumble over.

Sir, your humble servant, GABRIEL DAVIS.

To Mr˙ William Atlee, Chairman, Lancaster.