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Committee on a Letter from General Schuyler


Monday, October 9, 1775.

A Letter from Joseph Trumbull, Commissary-General, dated September 23, 1175, was laid before the Congress and read, desiring that £500, lawful money, ($1,666 2-3,) be paid to Mr˙ Tracy, for money by him advanced to Col˙ Arnold, for the use of the Continent, and that the said sum be charged to his account.


Ordered, That the President draw on the Treasurers for the above sum, in favour of Mr˙ Tracy, and that the same be charged as above.

As the success of the expedition to Canada depends upon supplying General Schuyler with a quantity of Gold and Silver, and it being represented to the Congress that there is in the Treasury of this Province a quantity of Gold and Silver to be exchanged for Money of the said Province:

Resolved, That the Delegates of this Province immediately wait on the Treasurer, and desire him to deliver to the Continental Treasurers the Gold and Silver in his hands, provided the same do not exceed 20,000 Pounds, Pennsylvania Currency, and receive from them, in exchange the Money of this Province, or Continental Bills.

On motion made, Resolved, That Mr˙ Duane be appointed to apply to the Committee of Safety of this Province, and request them to lend one ton of Gunpowder, which is to be sent to New-York, and from thence, what of it can be spared, be by the Provincial Convention of New-York immediately forwarded to General Schuyler.

A Letter from General Schuyler, dated the 19th of September, with one enclosed from General Montgomery, and sundry other Papers, were laid before the Congress and read:

On motion made, Resolved, That a Committee of five members be appointed, to take into consideration the Letters from General Schuyler, and the several matters therein contained, and report an answer.

The ballots being taken and examined, the following members chosen, viz: Mr˙ J˙ Adams, Mr˙ J˙ Rutledge, Mr˙ Chase, Mr˙ R˙ Livingston, and Mr˙ Deane.

The Delegates from Pennsylvania and Connecticut not being ready to report on the matter referred to them,

Resolved, That they bring in their Report on Wednesday next.

On motion, Resolved, That the Delegates for Pennsylvania do receive from the Treasurers what sum of Gold and Silver they have collected, and forward the same by to-morrow morning to General Schuyler, by an express; and to apply for two of the Light-Horse, well armed, to accompany him, and assist in carrying the money.

On motion made, Resolved, That it be recommended to the Convention of New-Jersey, that they immediately raise, at the expense of the Continent, two Battalions, consisting of eight Companies each, and each Company of sixty-eight Privates, officered with one Captain, one Lieutenant, one Ensign, four Sergeants, and four Corporals.

That the Privates be enlisted for one year, at the rate of five Dollars per calendar month, liable to be discharged at any time, on allowing them one month' s pay extraordinary.

That each of the Privates be allowed, instead of a bounty, one Felt Hat, a pair of Yarn Stockings, and a pair of Shoes; the men to find their own Arms.

That the Pay of the Officers, for the present, be the same as that of the Officers in the Continental Army; and in case the Pay of the Officers is augmented, the Pay of the Officers in these Battalions shall be in like manner augmented, from the time of their engaging in the service.

Resolved, That this Congress will to-morrow resolve itself into a Committee of the Whole, to take into consideration the Trade of these Colonies.

A Letter from the Convention of New-York, enclosing a proposal for procuring Powder, was taken into consideration,

Resolved, That the same be referred to the Secret Powder Committee.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow.