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July 13, 1775


Head-Quarters, Cambridge, July 13, 1775.

(Parole, Georgia,)

(Countersign, Huntingdon.)

As the Army will be forthwith formed into brigades, the Adjutant-General will, at orderly time this day, deliver to the Adjutant of each Regiment a number of printed returns, one of which must be immediately filled up and signed by the commanding officer of each Regiment, and sent as soon as possible to the Adjutant-General, by the Adjutant of each Regiment; on the back of the return it will be necessary to mention where and in what manner the Regiment is at present posted.


The commanding officer at Chelsea is, as soon as possible after the receipt of this order, to direct all the cattle upon Pullein Point, Shirley Point, and the intermediate space between Powderhorn Hilland the sea, to be driven off; and it is recommended to the Commissary-General to endeavour to agree with the owners of the said cattle, and to purchase them for the use of the Army.