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Arms and Accoutrements taken at Great Bridge to be appropriated to publick use, and the value thereof divided among the Soldiers


A Memorial from the Vestry of the Parish of Henrico, in the County of Henrico, was presented to the Convention, and read; setting forth, that they are at a loss to know in what manner their Minister' s salary ought to be levied and collected, the same being directed by Act of Assembly to be paid to the Minister in Tobacco, if required by him; and praying the Convention would take the same into consideration, and give such direction therein as shall be thought just and reasonable.

Ordered, That the said Petition be referred to the Committee on the state of the Colony.

Ordered, That leave be given to bring in an Ordinance for establishing a general Test; and that Mr˙ Mercer and Mr˙ Adams do prepare and bring in the same.

Resolved, That this Convention will to-morrow again resolve itself into a Committee, to take into their further consideration the state of the Colony.

Resolved, That the Arms and Warlike Accoutrements taken at the late engagement at the Great Bridge, be fairly appraised, and retained for the use of the Colony; and that the value thereof, together with the Money to be produced by the sales of the other articles taken on that occasion, be divided among the Soldiers.

Resolved, That no person be allowed to make reprisal on the property of Lord Dunmore, in this Colony, or their property seized by him, or the Navy, without the order of this Convention.

The President laid before the Convention a Letter from the Commissioners appointed to treat with the different Tribes of Indians, which was read, and ordered to lie on the table.

Ordered, That the Committee of Safety do cause so many of the captive Slaves, as they shall think necessary, to be employed in working the Lead Mine in the County of Fincastle, for the use of this Colony.

Adjourned till to-morrow, half after ten o' clock.