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Letter from David Zeisburger


[Extract of a Letter from DAVID ZEISBURGER, Missionary at SCHONBRUNN, dated 24th May, 1774.]

In my last I informed you of the critical situation in which we find ourselves here. We then were in hopes that the dark cloud would pass over soon, and peace be re-established, as the Shawanese in the Council at Woaketameka, had given seemingly a pretty favourable answer. But it appears now that they were only afraid of the


Delaware party in the Council, for we heard since that a party of twenty warriors were gone to make an incursion where the Mingoes have been killed. The Chief Netawatwees brought this account himself mournfully to Gnadenhutten, desiring some messengers might be sent after one Killbuck, who was on the road to Pittsburg,with the traders. We sent directly two men with a letter to Mr˙ Anderson, that they may know of it at Pittsburg. The messengers returned last night after having delivered their message. The Delawares suppose that the Shawanese will soon move far off. I think our greatest danger would be if the white people would make an incursion into the Indians' land; and if they should strike the Delawares, the war would be general, and we then could not continue here; but we will keep unto the Lord a solemn feast of thanksgiving if he rules things so that we can stay here, for our flight would be subject to many difficulties; and where should such a number of people find a twelve months' subsistence, if they must forsake all that they have planted, for we are more than two hundred souls in this place only, besides the congregation at Gnadenhutten, and to move into the settlements of the white people with our Indians, I cannot find advisable; we know how it was in the last war.