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Letter from AEneas Mackay, Pittsburgh, to the Governour

Pittsburg, 9th April, 1774.

SIR: I have just time to inform your Honor that the Justices, Devereux Smith, Andrew McFarlane, and myself, returned from court late last night to this place; and that we were all three taken prisoners at half an hour past nine o' clock this morning by order of Doctor Conolly; and because we refused giving bail we are ordered to be sent off this afternoon to Staunton, in Virginia, where I suppose we will spend the most of this summer, which gives me no manner of concern so far as it affects my own person, although I cannot but feel for, and lament the distressing situation of my wife and children, left here exposed to the insults and tyranny of a lawless, mob, whose aim is to subvert government and good order, and enrich themselves with the spoils of their neighbours.

I am, with due respect, sir, your most humble and most obedient servant,