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Meeting of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the Town of Boston



At a Meeting of the Freeholders and other Inhabitants of the town of Boston, by adjournment, at Fanueil Hall, June 27th, 1774.

Mr˙ SAMUEL ADAMS, Moderator.

Upon a motion, Voted, That the Committee of Correspondence be directed to lay before the town the Letters wrote to the other Colonies, as well as those sent to the other towns in the Province, since the receipt of the Boston Port Bill.

The Hall not being sufficient to contain all the inhabitants assembled, the meeting was adjourned to the Old South Meeting House.

The town being again met, according to adjournment, a motion was made and passed, that all Letters received, as well as the Answers returned, be laid before the town and read.

After the Town Clerk had accordingly read a number of said letters, a motion was made that the said Vote be so far considered, as that the reading of all other letters previous to the Covenant sent into the country by the Committee of Correspondence, and the letters accompanying the same, be suspended for the present, and that the town proceed to the reading of the said Letter and Covenant, and any other letters that may be particularly called for. The said Covenant, and a number of letters, having been read, a motion was made that some censure be now passed by the town on the Committee of Correspondence, and that said Committee be annihilated.

Mr˙ Adams, the Moderator, then moved, that as the Committee of Correspondence for this town, of which he had the honour of being a member, was now to be considered, another Moderator might be chosen pro tem.

The Honourable Thomas Cushing, Esq˙, was accordingly chosen Moderator during that debate.

The motion for censuring and annihilating the Committee of Correspondence, was considered, and the gentlemen in favour of the motion patiently heard, but it being dark, and they declaring that they had further to offer, it was voted that the consideration thereof be referred to the next meeting, and the meeting was accordingly adjourned.