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New-York Committee recommend the election of a Committee of Inspection


New-York Committee Chamber, November 7, 1774.

Whereas, at the late Continental Congress, held at Philadelphia, it was resolved that a Committee be chosen in every County, City, and Town, by those who are qualified to vote for Representatives in the Legislature, whose business it shall be attentively to observe the conduct of all persons touching the Association entered into by the Members of the said Congress, in the name and on the behalf of themselves and their respective Constituents; and when it shall be made to appear to the satisfaction of the majority of any such Committee, that any person within the limits of their appointment, has violated the said Association, that such majority do forthwith cause the truth of the case to be published in the Gazette, to the end that all such foes to the rights of British America may be publickly known and universally contemned as the enemies of American Liberty; and that thenceforth the parties to the said Association will respectively break off all dealings with him or her.

Which said Resolve of the Congress being this day taken into consideration by the Committee of Correspondence of this City of New-York, they do hereby recommend to the Freeholders and Freemen of the said City, to assemble together at the usual places of election, in their several Wards, at ten o' clock in the forenoon, on Friday, the 18th day of this instant, November, then and there to elect and appoint eight fit persons in each respective Ward, to be a Committee of Inspection, for the purpose expressed in the said Resolve of the Congress.

By order of the Committee,

ISAAC LOW, Chairman.