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Ebenezer Hazard to New-York Congress



Constitutional Post-Office, New-York, October 31, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: I have it in charge, from the Comptroller of the Constitutional Post-Office, to inform you that the keeper of the ferry across the North River charges our rider for ferriage, while he allows the rider who goes from the old office to cross gratis, pursuant to the directions of an act of Parliament. The Albany post likewise complains of a charge of ferriage between Paulus Hook and Albany. In order to prevent this in future, I am directed to request the interposition of your authority, which I doubt not will be readily granted, when it is considered that the posts have always hitherto crossed the ferries without charge; and even now, some keepers of ferries (among whom is Mr˙ Ellsworth, at Paulus Hook) permit them to pass in that manner.

I beg leave to hint, that perhaps it may be proper to direct that the post-riders be not delayed at the ferries, but taken across as soon as possible after they make application for that purpose.

I am, Gentlemen, your most obedient humble servant,