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Address of Mr˙ Moore, Mr˙ Low, Mr˙ Remsen, and Mr˙ Jay, to the Publick


New-York, 20th July, 1774.

To the Respectable Public. — Certain Resolves having been proposed by the Committee of Correspondence, to a number of citizens assembled at the Coffee House yesterday, and rejected, and instead of desiring that amendments or additions might be made, or a new set drawn up by the said Committee, more agreeable to their sentiments, they proceeded to nominate a new Committee for the purpose, and appointed us, the subscribers, on it; and being summoned this morning to attend their meeting, thought it incumbent on us to return the following answer:

GENTLEMEN: We have received your notice to attend the Committee appointed yesterday to draw up resolves for this city. When we consider that the appointment of this Committee was proposed and carried without any previous notice of such design having been given to the inhabitants, and made no part of the business for which they were requested to assemble, we think our election too irregular to assume any authority, in consequence of it, to draw resolves for the town; especially as the nomination of this Committee seems to cast an invidious reflection


on the Committee of Correspondence, and manifestly tends to divide the citizens into factions and parties, at a time when they should be distinguished by concord and unanimity. Besides, we conceive our attendance could answer no purpose, nor afford you any assistance. The resolves read yesterday, with a few amendments, contain our sentiments; as such they will be published, and (some seemingly exceptionable parts being omitted) offered to the consideration of the public.

We are, gentlemen, your most obedient humble servants,


To the Gentlemen of the Committee at Mr˙ Doran' s.