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Field-Officers for the Two Battalions


On motion made, Resolved, That the following gentlemen be recommended by this Congress to the honourable the Continental Congress, as proper persons for Field-Officers of the two Battalions to be raised in this Colony, to wit:

For the Eastern Battalion: Lord Stirling, Colonel; William Winds, Lieutenant-Colonel; William De Hart, Major.

For the Western Battalion: William Maxwell, Colonel; Israel Shreive, Lieutenant-Colonel; David Ray, Major.

Ordered, That the President do sign an attested copy of this Resolution, and transmit the same to the Continental Congress.

On motion made, Resolved, That Commissions be certified, signed by the President, and delivered to the Members of this Congress for the distant Counties, to be by them filled up and delivered to the respective Officers, upon proper certificates, from the County Committee, that such respective Officers have been duly elected, according to the Ordinance of this Congress; which certificate is to be returned to this Congress at their next sitting, or to the Committee of Safety.

On motion made, Resolved, unanimously, That a Commission of Second Brigadier-General of the Militia Forces of this Colony do immediately issue to William Livingston, Esq.

Ordered, That the Secretary, Colonel Ellis, and Colonel Maxwell, be a Committee to wait on Mr˙ Livingston, at Mrs˙ Stell' s, and present him with the above Commission.

Whereupon, the Committee withdrew, and having returned to their seats, reported, that they had presented the said Commission to Mr˙ Livingston, who had received the same in a polite manner, and desired that his thanks might be returned to this Congress.

The Congress adjourned to three o' clock, P˙M.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Major Ephraim Anderson having thought proper to resign his Commission of First Major of the First Regiment of the Hunterdon Militia,

Resolved, unanimously, That his resignation be accepted.