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Letter from Governour Trumbull to the Council of Massachusetts


Falmouth, October 19, 1775.

This is to certify whom it may concern, that the Committee of Correspondence of the Town of Falmouth, in the County of Barnstable, have permitted Phineas Fanning, of Nantucket, to purchase five hundred barrels of flour, three hundred barrels of beef, one hundred firkins of butter, one thousand weight of leather, six hundred weight of tallow, sixteen cords of wood, three hundred pair of shoes, and any other necessary for the internal consumption of the inhabitants of the Island of Nantucket, agreeable to an act of the General Court of the Province of the Massachusetts-Bay, in New-England, passed August, 1775.

By order of the Committee:


A true copy of the original, taken at Shelter-Island, November 27, 1775.

RET˙ MOORE, Clerk of the Spy.