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Meeting of Committees of Williamsburgh (Virginia) District



On Monday, the 11th day of September, 1775, pursuant to the appointment of the Chairman of Elizabeth City, the Deputies for the several Counties, and the City of Williamsburgh, within that District, appeared at the Court-House of the said City, and produced Certificates, under the hands of the Clerks of the Committees of the several Counties, and the City of Williamsburgh, of their deputation to represent the several Committees in the General Committee for the said District.

The Deputies, being so assembled, proceeded to the choice of a Chairman, and appointed Robert Carter Nicholas, Esquire, to that office. Present:

ROBERT C˙ NICHOLAS, Esquire, Chairman.

For ELIZABETH CITY County: William Roscoe, Wilson Curie, John Gary, Cary Selden, and Miles King, Gentlemen.

For the County of WARWICK: William Harwood, William Langhorne, Richard Cary, and Hind Russell, Gentlemen.

For the County of YORK: Corbin Griffin, Rev˙ Robert Andrews, and William Eaton, Gentlemen, and Mr˙ William Diggs, in the room of Hugh Nelson, Esq.

For the County of JAMES CITY: Robert C˙ Nicholas, William Norvel, Nathaniel Burwell, and Champion Travis, Gentlemen.

For CHARLES CITY County: William Acrill, William Edloe, and William Green Mumford, Gentlemen, and Mr˙ Samuel Harwood, in the room of Benjamin Harrison, Esquire.

For NEW-KENT County: Bartholomew Dandridge, John Armistead, and George Webb, Gentlemen, and Mr˙ Richard Allen, in room of Burwell Bassett, Esq.

For the City of WILLIAMSBURGH: Messrs˙ John Dixon, and James Cocke, in the room of Benjamin Waller, Esquire.

William Russell, Gentleman, appointed Clerk of this Committee.

Then the Committee proceeded to the choice of Officers in the Regular service for this District, and nominated the following gentlemen:

George Nicholas, Esq˙, Captain; Mr˙ Beverly Dickson, First Lieutenant; Mr˙ Thomas Russell, Second Lieutenant, and Mr˙ Merrill Moore, Ensign.

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Officers so appointed, to proceed with the utmost expedition to enlist, within this district, one Company of Regulars, to consist of sixty-eight men, rank and file; that they rendezvous with the said Company in the City of Williamsburgh, when enlisted, until further orders of the Committee of Safety.