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Heads of a Subscription Paper


NEW-LONDON, April 4, 1774. — The following are the heads of a Subscription which was laid before the Committee of Correspondence at Boston: Whereas, in our present struggles with the British Administration, it is of the last importance to have a free and safe communication throughout the whole extent of English America, a channel established by an Act of the British Parliament for the express purpose of raising a revenue here, and under the absolute controul of the British Minister, being both in principle and operation highly dangerous; and whereas, we are certified from several of the Southern Colonies that a Post Office has been erected in Maryland and Pennsylvania, on the principles of a voluntary subscription, and we have good reason to believe the salutary Institution will be generally adopted by all the intermediate Colonies, as well as those on both extremes; and whereas, the said Institution, if generally adopted, will defeat one Revenue Act, and obviate all its pernicious consequences, will unite all the friends of America in one common bond of alliance, and reduce the postage of letters one-third, as well as insure the transmission of interesting advice to the place of destination: We, the subscribers, do severally promise to pay to the Postmaster, who shall be hereafter appointed by a major vote of our body, the several sums annexed to our names, or to the successor in said office, to be by him, or them, employed in furnishing post riders to the several stages, we may agree upon and securing himself, or deputies, from any losses and damages that may accrue


unto him, or them, by means of their offices; meaning and understanding this present instrument to be a deposite and security to the said Postmaster, to be recoverable by him, in whole or in proportion to the sums subscribed, and to make up the deficiencies, if any there appear, to a Committee of our body chosen to inspect accounts, after the whole amount of the moneys received for postage shall have been placed to our credit. In testimony, &c˙ &c.