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Ordered, That Mr˙ Dix, Mr˙ Crane, and Mr˙ Devens, be a Committee to bring in a Bill for proportioning the sum of Forty-Six Thousand Pounds upon the several Towns ordered by this House, for defraying the publick charges, and for the support of Government, agreeable to the last valuation, and the particular instructions of this House.

The Report on the Memorial of the Officers of the Eastern Regiment in the County of Lincoln. Read and recommitted.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Greenleaf be on the Committee to examine Dr˙ Marvin' s Account, in the room of Colonel Grout, and that the Committee be directed to sit immediately.

The Report of the Committee on the Petition of the Committee of Inspection and Correspondence for the Town of Falmouth was brought down by Mr˙ Gill, with some amendments.

The Report of the Committee on the Petition from the Inhabitants of Machias read, and recommitted; and

Ordered, That Captain Partridge and Colonel Bowers be added to the Committee.