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Letter from Charles Smith to Captain Vandeput



Bridewell, Monday, April 1, 1776.

SIR: I take this opportunity of doing myself the honour of acquainting you with my disagreeable situation, having been a close prisoner ever since I have been in New-York. I must do the New-England people justice, under whose care I have been, that they behaved extremely well. Since their departure, the Yorkers took possession of the barracks, kept me much closer confined, and on Saturday afternoon gave me three days' allowance that was due, of pork and bread only, and conducted me safe to Bridewell. Since, I understand, my allowance is to be five pence sterling per day — Bridewell allowance. I am beholden to the goodness of the jailer for my bed and blanket, or else I believe I might perish.

I shall not, sir, trouble you with a detail of all my misfortunes, as they are in no wise pleasant, but take. the liberty to subscribe myself, your obedient servant,


To Captain Vandeput, of his Majesty' s Ship Asia.

P˙ S˙ King Sears, on my first arrival, called me rascal, and pushed me on to jail with his sword. As to the sailors, I am sorry to inform you they are gone to Philadelphia to go on board the privateer.