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Wednesday, November 30, 1774


WEDNESDAY, November 30, 1774.

The House being met, and Mr˙ Speaker elect having taken the Chair;

A Message was brought from his Majesty, by Sir Francis Molyneux, Gentleman Usher of the Black Rod:

Mr˙ Speaker:

The King commands this Honourable House to attend his Majesty immediately in the House of Peers.

Accordingly, Mr˙ Speaker elect, with the House, went up to attend his Majesty in the House of Peers, where Mr˙ Speaker elect was presented to his Majesty for his royal approbation; and

Then the Lord High Chancellor of Great Britain, after receiving directions from his Majesty, signified his Majesty' s approbation of Mr˙ Speaker elect.

The House being returned;

Mr˙ Speaker reported, that the House had been in the House of Peers, where his Majesty had been pleased to approve of the choice the House had made of him to be their Speaker; and that he had, in their name, and on their behalf, by humble petition to his Majesty, laid claim to all their ancient rights and privileges, particularly that their persons, their estates, and servants, might be free from arrests and all molestations; that they may enjoy liberty of speech in all their debates, may have access to his Majesty' s royal person, whenever occasion shall require, and that all their proceedings may receive from his Majesty the most favourable construction; which, he said, his Majesty had confirmed to them in as full and ample manner as they have been heretofore granted or allowed by his Majesty, or any of his royal predecessors.

And then Mr˙ Speaker repeated his most respectful acknowledgments to the House for the honour they had done him.

Mr˙ Speaker then put the House in mind, that the first thing to be done was to take the oaths, and make and subscribe the Declaration, and to take and subscribe the oaths of Abjuration and Qualification, by law required.

And thereupon, Mr˙ Speaker first alone, standing upon the upper step of the chair, took the said first mentioned oaths, and made and subscribed the said oath of Abjuration; and also delivered in to the Clerk of the House an account of his qualification, and took and subscribed the oath of Qualification.

And after him, several other Members took the said first mentioned oaths, and made and subscribed the said Declaration, and took and subscribed the oath of Abjuration; and such of the said Members as are by law required to deliver in to the Clerk of this House an account of their qualification, and to take and subscribe the oath of Qualification, delivered in such account, and took and subscribed the said oath accordingly.

And then the House adjourned till to-morrow morning, ten of the clock.