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Letter from General Howe to the Earl of Dartmouth, enclosing copies of Returns and Estimates, with occasional Remarks


Return of Provisions in store, at BOSTON, the 16th NOVEMBER, 1775, and how long the same, with those since deposited, will serve twelve thousand men, at the allowance now issued for want of pease and rice, viz:

In store, belonging to the Crown, 3 1/2 casks suet; 12,880 pounds pork; 23,489 lbs˙ dried cod-fish; 9,857 bushels of wheat; 521,590 lbs˙ flour; 94,044 lbs˙ bread; 20,384 pints oil.

In store, belonging to the Contractors, 764,690 lbs˙ pork; 552,499 lbs˙ flour; 9,633 lbs˙ bread; 48,196 lbs˙ butter; 9,857 lbs˙ rice

November 28, deposited by do˙, 982 barrels flour, of the ship Queen of Naples, cargo from London; the rest, being 813 barrels flour, have proved bad and unfit for use — 223,896 lbs˙ flour.

Total: 3 1/2 casks suet; 777,570 lbs˙ pork; 23,469 lbs˙ dried cod-fish; 9,857 bushels wheat; 1,297,985 lbs˙ flour; 103,677 lbs˙ bread; 48,196 lbs˙ butter; 20,384 pints oil; 9,857 lbs˙ rice.

The pork and fish will serve twelve thousand men ninety-nine days, ending the 26th February next.

The wheat, flour, and bread, will serve one hundred and sixteen days, ending 24th March next.

And the butter and oil, will serve one hundred and six days, ending the 4th March next.

The suet and rice are reserved for the use of the hospitals.

The cargo of the snow Industry, from Bristol, is not included in the above return; she began to discharge two days ago.

The live stock is likewise not included.

D˙ CHAMIER, Commissary of Provisions.

To his Excellency the Hon˙ Sir William Howe, Major-General and Commander-in-Chief, &c˙ &c.

Boston, November 29, 1775.