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New-York Congress to Massachusetts Committee of Safety



In Provincial Congress, New-York, June , 1775

GENTLEMEN: The multiplicity of business brought before us by the Continental Congress, and a short adjornment of our body from Saturday till Tuesday morning, have rendered it impossible for us to give a more early attention to your favour of the 26th ultimo.

We have little to say uopn the principal subject of your letter, as we conceive that the Provincial Congress of both Colonies are concluded from any discretionary provision relative to the ordinance and other stores taken at Crown Point and Ticonderoga, of which you must fully be convinced by the acts of the Continental Congress on that subject, copies of which are enclosed.

We are fully apprised of the dangerous consequences that would await this capital of our Colony, either from supineness or a confidence in the honour of those who, being the avowed instruments of ministerial vengeance, we cannot expect will hold any faith with us. Whatever articles we are now possessed of, that maybe be used to the


injury of this City in particular, or of the Continent in general, we shall be studious to prevent, if possible, from falling into the hands of our enemies. In sympathizing with you for the unhappy Town of Boston, we shall do every thing in our power to prevent this City from being reduced to the same deplorable situation, and shall watchfully attend to every means of defence which our present or future circumstances may enable us to improve.

We are, gentlemen and brethren, with great respect and sincere affection, your most obedient humble servants,

P˙ V˙ B˙ LIVINGSTON, President.

To Joseph Warren, Esquire, and the Committee of Safety for the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay.