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Chester County (Pennsylvania) Committee



In pursuance of publick notice given, a very respectable number of Inhabitants of the County of Chester, met at the Court House, in the Borough of Chester, on the 20th of December 1774, and chose the following Committee to carry into execution the Association of the late Continental Congress, viz: Anthony Wayne, Francis Johnston, Richard Riley, Evan Evans, and James Moore, Esquires, Hugh Lloyd, Thomas Hockley, David Cowpland, John Hart, Sketchley Morton, Samuel Fairlamb, Isaac Eyre, John Crosby, Nicholas Deal, Jesse Bonsall, Aaron Oakford, Benjamin Brannon, JohnTalbot, Joseph Brown, Samuel Prince, John Crawford, John Taylor, Lewis Gronow, Edward Humphreys, Henry Lawrance, Richard Thomas, William Montgomery, Persefor Frazer, Thomas Taylor, John Foulke, Robert Mendenhall, Joseph Penuel, George Pierce, Nicholas Fairlamb, Samuel Timbell, Charles Dilworth, John Hannum, George Hoops, Joel Bealy, John Gilleland, Joseph Bishop, Junior, John Keilin, Edward Jones, William Lewis, Patrick Anderson, Joshua Evans, Thomas Evans, John Hartman, Doctor Bramon Van Leer, William Evans, Joseph Cowan, Thomas Haslep, Paterson Bell, Doctor Jonathan Morris, Andrew Mitchell, Thomas Buffington, James Bennett, Joseph Musgrave, William Miller, Richard Floer, Walter Finney, James Simpson, David Whaney, James Evans, Thomas Bishop, William Edwards, Jonathan Vernon, Junior, Lewis Davis, Senior, Joseph Gibbons, Junior, and Thomas Evans.

Which Committee are to be and continue from this time until one month after the rising of the next Continental Congress, with full power to transact such business, and enter into such associations, as to them shall appear expedient.


After the above Committee was chosen, they proceeded to appoint a Chairman and Secretary, when Anthony Wayne, Esq˙, was elected Chairman, and Francis Johnston, Esq˙, Secretary; the following Resolves were passed unanimously:

1st. That any twelve or more of the said Committee, meeting upon due notice, be empowered to enter into and transact all such business as shall come under their consideration, provided that the majority agreeing shall not be less than twelve.

2d. That the present unhappy situation of publick affairs in general, and of this Province in particular, render it highly necessary a Provincial Congress should be held as soon as possible, for which purpose twelve persons shall be appointed out of the said Committee, as Delegates to attend the said Convention, at such time and place as shall be generally agreed on.

The Committee then adjourned till Monday, the 9th of January, 1775, to meet at the house of David Cowpland, in the Borough of Chester, at ten o' clock A˙ M˙, at which time and place it is expected that each member will give due attendance. By order of the Committee.