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Rev. Samuel Langdon to Massachusetts Congress



June 1, 1775.

SIR: We, the Pastors of the Congregational Churches of the Colony of Massachusetts-Bay, in our present annual Convention, gratefully beg leave to express the sense we have of the regard shown by the honourable Provincial Congress to us, and the encouragement they have been pleased to afford to our assembling as a body this day. Deeply impressed with sympathy for the distresses of our much injured and oppressed Country, we are not a little relieved in beholding the Representatives of this people, chosen by their free and unbiased suffrages, now met to concert measures for their relief and defence, in whose wisdom and integrity, under the smiles of Divine Providence, we cannot but express our entire confidence. As it has been found necessary to raise an Army for our safety, and our brave countrymen have so willingly offered themselves to this hazardous service, we are not insensible of the vast burden that their necessary maintenance must devolve upon the people. We therefore cannot forbear, upon this occasion, to offer our service to the publick, and to signify our readiness, with the consent of our several congregations, to officiate, by rotation, as Chaplains to the Army.

We devoutly commend the Congress, and our brethren in arms, to the guidance and protection of that Providence,


which, from the first settlement of this Country, has so remarkably appeared for the preservation of its civil and religious rights.

SAM' L LANGDON, Moderator.

To the Honourable Joseph Warren, Esq˙, President of the Provincial Congress of the Colony of the Massachusetts-Bay, &c.