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Petition of John Marks to the New-York Congress



New-York, December, 1775.

Your petitioner humbly desires to be employed in that useful and much needful business of nail-making; and as your petitioner has followed that business formerly, he hopes to give satisfaction to the publick. And as the aforesaid article will be much wanted in the spring, he would set the business up immediately, that the publick might be punctually served in such useful articles. And whereas it will be necessary to have a good quantity of iron and coal, which, if not purchased soon, will render your petitioner unable to carry on the aforesaid business, he having a family of seven children; and having for some time past followed the shipsmith branch, which is now at a stand, and as he is possessed of tools, and fires for eight men to work by, which he will endeavour to get to the employ, (if not, he will take boys, and teach them, which will be of


great service to the publick,) your petitioner humbly prayeth the honourable the Congress will take into consideration, and allow him a little forehand cash, to enable him to carry on the work; and what work he gives in weekly, will pay a moiety towards the advanced money; and the work done at the lowest prices.

If the above is agreeable, and meets with acceptance, your petitioner will forever pray.


To the Honourable the Provincial Congress.