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Talk of one of the St. John' s Tribe, attended two of the Passamaquoddy Indians, to General Washington


A Talk of one of the ST˙ JOHN' S TRIBE, attended by two of the PASSAMAQUODDY INDIANS, with His Excellency General WASHINGTON, JANUARY 31, 1776.

We are very glad to see you, and that we have met our Caughnawaga friends here. The English people are mad, and very cross, and want us to fight against the New-England people. God is on the side of our brothers, and they will beat them. There is a Providence in our meeting our Caughnawaga friends at this time, who have come so far from Canada.

We want to go home quick, to tell our friends what we have seen and done here, and next Spring many of our Nation will come and help the New-England people.

We are in much want of powder to hunt with. The old English people will not let us have any, unless we will fight against our brothers and countrymen.