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Letter to the Committees of St. Bartholomew


The following Letter was written to the Committees of the Parishes of St˙ Bartholomew and St˙ Helena, and of Charlestown, respectively:

Charlestown, February 5, 1776.

[By authority of Congress.]

To the, Committee for the Parish of — .

GENTLEMEN: I have the honour to transmit to you a resolution of Congress, respecting the estates and property of John Stuart and Henry Stuart; which, without doubt, you will cause to be duly observed. And that you may be at no loss in what manner to proceed, I do also signify to


you that it is the sense of the Congress that, if you shall be of opinion you cannot prevent the removal of any part of the property to be restrained but by taking such part into your custody, you ought, on the part of the publick, to take such part into your custody, and to acquaint the Congress or Council of Safety thereof.

I have the honour to be, gentlemen, your most humble servant,


Adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow.