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Petition of Archibald Govan


A Petition of Archibald Govan was presented to the Convention and read, setting forth that he loaded and cleared out the Sloop Christian and cargo agreeably to the terms of the Association; that she has been prevented proceeding on her voyage by being brought into Hampton by the soldiery stationed there; and as there is no market in this country, at present, but for the Army, he would be glad the cargo, amounting to near two thousand five hundred bushels of wheat, might be taken for the use of the troops, at such a price as shall be thought reasonable; that he has been told this House are in want of some vessels for the service of the country, for which purpose he begs leave to offer his sloop, which is a well-found vessel and fast sailer, and little more than three years old; that, from the candour and justice of this Convention, he hopes, as he has not in any instance infringed the Association, and as the letters wrote by himself, and found on board the said sloop, were fraught with sentiments friendly to this country, no degree of guilt will be imputed to him on account of the many unfriendly letters found in the said vessel.

Ordered, That the said Petition be referred to the Committee on the state of the Colony.