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Colonel Arnold to John Manir



Sartigan, November 1, 1775.

DEAR SIR: As I make no doubt of your being hearty in the cause of liberty and your Country, I have taken the liberty to inform you that I have just arrived here, with a large detachment from the American Army. I have several times, on my march, wrote you by the Indians, some of whom have returned and brought no answer. I am apprehensive they have betrayed me. This will be delivered you by —, on whose secrecy you may depend. I beg the favour of you, on receipt of this, to write me, by the bearer, the number of troops in Quebeck and Montreal; how the French inhabitants stand affected; if any ships of war are at Quebeck, and any other intelligence you may judge necessary for me to know, i find the inhabitants very friendly this way, and make no doubt they are the same with you. I hope to see you in Quebeck in a few days. In the mean time, I should take it as a particular favour if some one or two of my friends would meet me on the road, and that you would let me know if the enemy are apprized of our coming; also, the situation that General Schuyler is in.

Your compliance will much oblige, dear Sir, your friend and humble servant,