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Exportation of Provisions of any kind prohibited


Monday, July 24, 1775.

The President laid before the Convention a Letter just received from the Deputies appointed to represent this Colony in General Congress, enclosing several Resolutions and Proceedings of the General Congress; which were read, and ordered to lie on the table.

On a motion made, Resolved, That no Flour, Wheat, or other Grain, or Provisions of any kind, be exported from this Colony to any part of the world, from and after the fifth day of August next, until the Convention or Assembly, or the honourable the Continental Congress, shall order otherwise; that no quantities of the said articles, more than are necessary for the use of the inhabitants, be brought to, collected, or stored in the Towns, or other places, upon or near the navigable waters; that the respective County Committees be directed to take care that this Resolve be effectually carried into execution, and that all contracts made for the sale and delivery of any such articles for exportation, between this time and the tenth day of September next, be considered as null and void.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Thomas Walker be added to the Committee appointed to prepare and bring in an Ordinance for raising and embodying a sufficient Force for the defence and protection of this Colony.

Adjourned till to-morrow, nine o' clock.