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Letter from Richmond County Committee to the New-York Congress


"Richmond County, December 15, 1775.

"MR˙ PRESIDENT, SIR: Your favour of the 2d of December, we hereby acknowledge came safe to our hand, and with the majority of the Committee considered the contents. We agreeably to your request, have caused by advertisement the freeholders and inhabitants in our County to be convened on this day, in order that their sense might be taken, whether they would choose Deputies to represent them in Provincial Congress or not; accordingly, a number of the said freeholders and inbabitants did appear; a regular poll was opened, and continued till six o' clock, at the conclusion of which it appeared that a majority was for the present for sending no Deputies.

"Our former conduct in sending of Deputies, to represent us in Provincial Congress, was elevated with encouraging hopes of having, ere this, obtained the so much desired point in our view, namely, a reconciliation with Great Britain. But with anxiety, we express it, that the hopes of obtaining so desirable an event is now almost vanished out of our sight, and instead of which, we behold with horrour every appearance of destruction that a war with Great Britain will bring upon us. Under these apprehensions, and in our particular situation, we hope you will view us, and when candidly considered, we trust will furnish you with sufficient reasons for the present to forbear with us.

"We wish and pray that if yet any hopes of reconciliation is left, that measures might be adopted, if possible, to obtain that desirable end, in wishing of which we conclude ourselves, your most obedient and humble servants,


"To Nathaniel Woodhull, President of the Provincial Congress, New-York."

"P˙ S˙ Should the Congress think it necessary for further information of the state of our County, they will please to order two of our Committee to appear before them for that purpose."