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Hillsborough (New-Hampshire) Committee



Amherst, July 13, 1775.

Whereas, the Delegates for the County of Hillsborough, in the Province of New-Hampshire, in Congress, appointed a Committee from several Towns to hear, examine, and try John Quigly, esq˙, a person lately confined in the Jail at Amherst, on suspicion of being an enemy to the liberties of America, and lately liberated from said Jail, but still behaves as an open and avowed enemy to the liberties of America: Said Quigly being notified of time and place of trial did not appear. Ordered, That his contempt be recorded. And upon a full and fair examination of sundry evidences, we find him guilty of the several crimes laid to his charge, and we look upon him as a dangerous person to be suffered to go at large: and we do hereby caution all persons from all connections with him.

DAVID BADGER, per order of Committee.