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Letter from the Provincial Congress of New-Jersey to Lord Stirling


In Provincial Congress, New-Jersey, February 5, 1776.

MY LORD: This Congress have before them your Lordship' s several letters, relative to vessels exporting produce and lumber from this Colony, and have come to the enclosed resolutions thereon, which are designed to be immediately published.

The Congress and Committee of Safety of this Province


have licensed several vessels to carry out produce, on security having been given lo return the amount of nett proceeds thereof in military stores, particularly the vessel mentioned as loading in Longfield' s Creek; but none of the others you mention have such license. The one at Amboy, being under very singular circumstances, will, with others loading without permits, be particularly attended, to by this Congress, as soon as convenience admits.

We cannot help observing, that your Lordship' s information came from two of the New-York Delegates, who, by a clause in one of your Lordship' s letters, appear to have licensed several vessels in New-York to export produce. The legality of such license it is not necessary for this Congress at present to make any observation upon.

Your Lordship hath the thanks of this Congress for your attention and trouble in the several matters mentioned in your letters.

I am, my Lord, your Lordship' s most obedient servant.

By order of the Congress:


To Lord Stirling.