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Courts to be Opened and Held as Usual


Voted, That Samuel Cults, Esq˙, Jonathan Lovewell, Esq˙, and John, Dudley, Esq˙, be a Committee of this House, to join a Committee of the honourable Board, to confer together, and make report to this House, what business is most necessary to be entered upon immediately.

Which Committee made report as follows, viz:

The Committee appointed by both Houses, to report the business necessary to be acted upon at this session, beg leave to report as follows:

That the Superior Court be opened (as soon as may be) for punishing criminals and trespassers.

That the Courts of General Sessions of the Peace for the several Counties be in future opened, and held as usual; likewise the Inferior Courts for the trial of trespasses only.

That five hundred men, including officers, and those under the command of Captains Salter and Daniels, be raised, and be on the lines at Portsmouth, by the first day of April next; and the company of Artillery be raised, and to be reckoned a part of said number: their wages to be the same as those in the Colony service the last year. That there be one gentleman appointed to act as a General officer, to command all the troops, in case of an alarm or attack. That proper measures be taken to complete the several Minute Regiments. That no officer inlist any man for the service of this Colony who hath not a good fire-arm. That provision be made for the five hundred men, and such of the Militia, as may be called in. That the resolve giving and confirming to the several Constables and Collectors the same power and authority for collecting of Rates and Taxes they formerly held by law, be printed in handbills, and distributed. That proclamation be made of the form of Civil Government lately established in this Colony, and the list of civil officers, that all persons may conform accordingly. That in case of an alarm or attack when the Council and Assembly, or Committee of Safety, are not sitting, the General officer call in the Militia for the defence of this Colony.

That a Proclamation issue for a general fast.


Which Report being read and considered,

Voted, That the same be received, accepted, and established as a Resolve of this House.