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Monsieur Begozzat to New-Hampshire Committee of Safety



St˙ Pierre, Martinico, February 14, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: As I never considered the American affairs otherwise but the endeavours of tyranny against the liberties of mankind, and looking upon the North of America as the sacred asylum contrived in this age by the Divine Providence against the despotick power, who has filled the three parts of this world with misery and poverty, I think I am honoured in being employed in so noble a cause. It is on this principle, gentlemen, I take the liberty to write you by the opportunity of Robert Parker, to offer my service to your Committee; you may be certain that nobody will serve your interest with so much zeal as I.

I gave Robert Parker a very short expedition. I intend every day to send away Captain Peverly. These two vessels will carry ten thousand pounds of gunpowder. I am loading now two other vessels, which I hope will depart very soon. We are expecting, every day, a vessel departed from France with about twenty thousand pounds of gunpowder; and I am in hopes that what we will receive from France this month will amount to sixty thousand pounds. I will advise you every month of the quantity expected.

Warlike provisions are not so common as they ought to be, on the account they have reported in Europe the American affair would be settled this Winter. Some vessels bring no ammunition, but by letters departed the 20th of January last, advising that the war will continue this year in America, there will be plenty in America in the months of May and June.

Ammunition is not the only article wanting by the Americans, viz: woollen and linen clothes, dress, pins and needles, a great quantity of goods the most necessary in private use of life, are wanting greatly, and you may be provided with those articles here. The purpose of this letter is to desire you to send the patterns of every thing wanting. I will send them to Old France, and our market will be provided with them in four or five months' time. I sent a memorial to the French Ministry concerning the trade we can settle here with New-England, but as your articles we usually consume here, viz: fish, lamp oil, spermaceti candles, pork, beef, hair, boards, and hoops, cannot amount to a great sum of money, I asked, in my memorial to the Ministry, to ship from hence to Old France, potashes, beaver, lamp oil in casks of sixty gallons, well hooped, to go to Old France. These articles, added to those, will produce a sufficient sum of money to maintain your exchange here.

For the Southern Colonies, I asked that Virginia tobacco, of which we consume thirty or forty millions pounds every year, be introduced to France by the way of Martinico. This article is very valuable, and will pay here a large quantity of goods wanted in America. Carolina indigo will find, likewise, great advantage in the French trade.

You may be certain, gentlemen, that Continental vessels will find always good protection in our ports. You will see, by the report I send you, of the frigate Argus attempting to search a Continental vessel loading, by me, with gunpowder. Any Continental vessel coming here will be safe.

If you have any particular or secret demands to our Government,


send them to me, and I promise to return you a positive answer.

I think proper to advise you that the sloop Molly, Captain Conway, master, loaded with flour, coming from Maryland, on the account he was pursued by an English man-of-war, not only obtained permission to anchor here, but to sell his cargo of flour. Give to your vessels a letter for me, and I will procure you all that they will want, or to be introduced, or to sell or to purchase those goods.

You may assure your country men they have good friends in this country, who think that the sacred fire of liberty stands no where else now, but in the North of America, and that the brave people to which the Divine Providence has trusted it, will continue it a fire for future generations. I am, honourable gentlemen, your most humble servant, and a devoted friend to your country.

P˙ Begozzat.

To the Honourable Committee of Safety, Province of New-Hampshire.